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lone adj
1 lacking companions or companionship; "he was alone when we met him"; "she is alone much of the time"; "the lone skier on the mountain"; "a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel"; "a lonely soul"; "a solitary traveler" [syn: alone(p), lone(a), lonely(a), solitary]
2 characterized by or preferring solitude in mode of life; "the eremitic element in the life of a religious colony"; "a lone wolf"; "a man of a solitary disposition" [syn: eremitic, eremitical, lone(a), solitary]
3 being the only one; single and isolated from others; "the lone doctor in the entire county"; "a lonesome pine"; "an only child"; "the sole heir"; "the sole example"; "a solitary instance of cowardice"; "a solitary speck in the sky" [syn: lone(a), lonesome(a), only(a), sole(a), solitary(a)]

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  1. solitary; having no companion
  2. isolated or lonely; lacking companionship
  3. sole; being the only one of a type
  4. situated by itself with no neighbours


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having no compation
situated with no neighbours

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Lone (Hindi: लोन, Urdu: لون) is a Kashmiri tribe in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. It is also used as family name.
The Lone tribe is based mainly in North Kashmir, although in the past few centuries there has been gradual diffusion of the tribe throughout the valley of Kashmir. However, even now the tribe is concentrated in the Kupwor district of the Kashmir valley.
Although the vast majority of the Lone tribe speak Kashmiri as their mother tongue, significant numbers speak Shina, especially those who live in the Gurez valley.


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